Main Bhi Chowkidar


Everyone in the organizations is very important. From the safaiwalla to the security officer; from the messenger to the manager, everyone doing well at his post is a leader. The role of a creative leader is not to have all the ideas and to get them followed blindly by his stooges; it’s to create a culture where everyone can have ideas and feel that they’re valued. As promotional blitzkrieg on social media ahead of the Lok Sabha elections, and to counter for repeatedly attacking the PM with ‘chowkidar chor hai’ jibes by Rahul Gandhi and his brigade, BJP had released a video on its “Main bhi chowkidar” campaign.

Nothing is original, the BJP has obviously taken inspiration from Donald Trump, as the BJP has also given those in the video, saffron ‘main bhi chowkidar’ caps, similar to the ‘Make America Great Again’ caps used in the 2016 Presidential campaign. This is a part of the ‘Art of Schemes’ by BJP to shackle the visions of voters and to distract them from its failures at the home ground and to sew the asking lips about what happened to the 2014 election commitments. This all is directed to recapture the musical chairs.

Yesteryears of Indian election campaign when crisscrossed we find that these are seasoned with flaunting slogans which have shown momentous consummation in admiration of the parties’ that architect them. Division of votes on religion, region, caste and language in India has ever remained a dominating factor but flashy and buttery slogans have surpassed these aspects. Indian political campaign slogans have succeeded in creation of interest and enthusiasm in the voters of all ages and in both genders. These are the flashy slogans that traverse across all sections of the society and in all areas of election field tailored in a configuration that impregnate the human mind that leverage the election results. The only commonality among them is that they become a sordid affair for the authors.

We are traversing in an era, where a perception is being created that whatsoever exists in India is spontaneous creation of Modi’s ‘Midas touch’, bringing back to life the citizenry that was looking for euthanasia  and because of his “Big Bang” explosion of Indian position across the borders and everything was redundant before his emergence in the national political platform. Appears he is projected by a particular section of society as incarnation in consequence of Lord Krishna’s word “Yada yada hi dharmasya glanirbhavati bharata Abhythanama adharmasya tadatmanam srijamyaham” meaning whenever there is decay of righteousness, and rise of unrighteousness then I manifest myself. This is the category that had focused attention only to the fish eye of Arjuna’s target and everything else is missing from their visibility spectrum.

A stroll since 2014 carrying us to a timeline of Modi jee branding himself ‘Pardhan Sevak’ to ‘Chowkidar’ to ‘I am Majdoor number one’ and latest catchphrase trending ‘Main Bhi Chowkidar’. Modi’s spin masters are trying to buttress his image with a campaign that refers to him as a ‘Watchman with Superman’ character. At the same time it is also resonating in the opposition camp that “Sab Jagah Uske Charche, Charo Taraf Shor Hai  – Bolo Jaan Kese Vchayen Jab Paswan Hi Chor Hai”. The recent trending of the day has encouraged and occasioned many looters of state exchequer to project themselves also as ‘Mein Bhi Chowkidar’ and many of the fallen guys everywhere rejoiced and prefixed ‘Chowkidar’ before their names. At the juncture words of Samuel Johnson that “Almost all absurdity of conduct arises from the imitation of those who we cannot resemble” struck to my mind along with Colton’s most famous quotes: “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery”. The human is indissolubly linked with imitation and this has encouraged those, to become magic man on the analogy of PM, by imitating and prefixing ‘Chowkidar’ to their names. Here I am very honest to contribute that I am not aware whether 24 per cent ministers of Modi government facing charges of murder, rape and heinous charges have also joined the bandwagon of ‘Mein Bhi Chowkidar’ and had also prefixed ‘Chowkidar’ before their names. I can wish only best wisdom for them. But at the same time I will not hesitate to pen down that as a vigilance officer of J&K watchdog agency that investigate the cases related to corruption, misappropriation of government funds, amassing huge wealth by corrupt practices and miss-using their official position, have charge sheeted many such persons who are also in a race to prefix ‘Chowkidar’ to their names. Without any understanding of the trend, that is only catchphrase for vote bank, the people merely put on a mask of Modi’s ideas, that is nothing more than an illusion and thereby they are deceiving themselves as well as others. Without utterance about the state of affairs of those who are the actual ‘Chowkidar’ leading their life in most miserable conditions, I wish all the best air-travels for them across the world in luxury class, a band of hundreds of Z-security personals, SPG coverage and their word as dictation from God and wearing casting ten lakh to impress the foreign dignitaries, on the arrangement our self styled ‘Sevak’, ‘Chowkidar’ and ’Number one Majdoor’ is enjoying.

Those in power always obsessed with a frenzy that nothing will move on once they are out of the driving seat, forgetting the words of a great philosopher Charles de Gaulle “The graveyards are full of indispensable men”. The worries generally seen among such fraternity is during the occasion when they have to seek the mandate to retain their position and authority. This situation leads to evocation of slogans, trickeries and catchphrases that percolate in public domain. An election crusade is to pre-dominate voters; manifestos, slogans and many catchphrases are one of them. The manifesto is an authored promulgation of intentions, policies, and opinions of the political parties whereas catchphrases are closely related to its defining as battle-cry of soldiers in the field. The 16th Lok Sabha election witnessed slogan from BJP box as; “Aab ki baar, Modi sarkar”, and message of ‘‘Sabka Saath, Sabka Vikas’ and dreams of ‘Achche Din’. Under umbrella of synonymous slogans all political parties that remained in power from time to time, tailored many schemes but till date the basic issues of common man i.e. “Roti, Kapda, aur Makan” still haunt in this country even after 70 years of independence. The Indian political spectrum doesn’t have visionary slogans like that of ‘Barrack Obama’ ‘Yes We Can’ but our political fanciful minds always working how to befog the common man to shackle their comprehension. The catchphrase of 2014 ‘Har Har Modi Ghar Ghar Modi’ was symbolic of Mod’s power that took us to the era of similar catchphrase ‘Indira is India; India is Indira’ symbolic of Indira Gandhi’s power at that time.

I believe the visionless people are imitative and blind followers are more tuned to such trending. Imitation is bound to be unintelligent. They want to do exactly the things which others are doing. I would advise who wishes to imitate well, to look closely into life and manners, and thereby to learn to express them with truth. Nicely quoted by Jean de La Fontaine, a French fabulist and one of the most widely read French poets of the 17th century “Imitators are a slavish herd and fools in my opinion”. It is always advisable to politicians in power that they should be watchman for the welfare schemes, best interests of the public, plundering of tax payer’s money, security of the population and that of the nation rather than to be night watchman of the Milky Way galaxy.







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