Look at Smriti’s political acumen, not degrees

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Whether Smriti Irani possesses a college degree or not is hardly the point. She has all the attributes generally lacking in most Indian politicians : intelligence, eloquence, a sharp mind, wit and capability.

Yet she remains the most frequently targeted minister in the BJP government. Is it because of her articulate, no holds barred responses, or is it because she has dared to stand against the scion of the Gandhi family?

Congress Spokesperson Priyanka Chaturvedi, who launched an unseemly attack on Smriti Irani for not possessing a BA degree, needs to be reminded of the anomalies spotted in the educational qualifications claimed by Sonia Gandhi. Once caught, she dismissed the glaring lie as a ‘typo’!

Then there are the discrepancies found in Congress President Rahul Gandhi’s qualifications, where he is said to have failed in one paper and lied about having been to Harvard.

The Congress, and the rest of the ‘educated’ people criticising Irani, need to take a look at how many of our ‘Graduates’ are actually skilled and capable to handle the tasks expected of them!


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