Life story: Younis Reshi, an athlete


An athlete, Younis Reshi popularly known as as a stunt master of South Kashmir. He has won several  gold, silver and bronze medals in different State level running competitions.

“I am doing stunts and have been uploading the videos on social media. I have received a number of calls from the youth of Kashmir Valley who ask me to start an academy as they also aspire to become stunt men. But, I am unable to do so,” he said

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“I have trained few neighbors so far who have represented Jammu and Kashmir at State as well as national level,” he said, adding that as most people are suffering from depression and other mental issues, sports are the only way to help them to come out from the situation, but the government claims that they are promoting activities on ground are just hoax on the ground.

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“There is a lot of talent among Kashmiri youth but they need proper care, counselling and infrastructure, which sans in Jammu and Kashmir. The government must look into the matter so that we can save our future by engaging them in sports activities and keeping them away from drug addiction and other things,” he said.

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