Life Story: Tabish Aijaz an artist cum MBBS graduate

A 23-year-old Kashmiri artist, Tabish Aijaz Khan a self-taught artist hails from Iqbal Abad of south Kashmir’s Anantnag district and she is MBBS from Dhakka, Bangladesh.


Tabish has been passionate about artwork since her childhood and started drawing paintings and cartoons since her primary classes.

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“I started drawing paintings from my school days. After my schooling was over in 2016, I started posting my paintings on social media platforms where I received a huge appreciation and it encouraged me to paint more,” says Tabish.

Chinar leaves have always attracted Tabish as she found them the ambassadors of Kashmiri beauty.

“I often get attracted by Chinar leaves as they depict the beauty of Kashmir. So I made maximum of my paintings on Chinar leaves for my name was entered into the “India book of records, 2021,” says Tabish.

She showcases the culture and the natural beauty of Kashmir through her paintings.

Connected with the colours, she also intends to open an art gallery in her own district to showcase the beauty of Kashmir.

Painting on canvas sheets and papers, she paints on trash like egg shells, broken mugs, wooden blocks, plates, and stones. By adding colours to the waste she believes that it fills colour to her life and also serves as a stress reliever for her.

“By painting on waste objects, I transform them into beautiful art pieces. As I believe that nothing is useless. It depends how we perceive the different objects,” she says.

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Tabish has no arts family background. She considers it a blessing from the Almighty. “Though, having no arts family background, both my parents have always supported me from the beginning and urged me to follow both my passion as well as profession”.

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