Life Story: Sufiyan Malik, rabab player      

Malik bringing rabab instrument back into mainstream culture.

Jammu:  Sufiyan Malik State Award recipient 2020 and 2021 Padma Shri nominee.

Young Kashmiri plays the rabab back into the limelight.

A 19-year-old Srinagar boy, enabled by social media platforms, is infusing new life into what is considered the soul of Kashmir’s folk music — the rabab, a long-necked lute. Malik bringing rabab instrument back into mainstream culture.

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“I played the rabab for a musical fusion called ‘Firdous X-He is a pirate’ based on the theme song of [the film] Pirates of Caribbean and the theme music of [TV show] Game of Thrones in 2017. It was an instant hit here,” he said.

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On June 28 2018, Malik played the rabab at The Hilton hotel in Los Angeles. “Many Kashmiri-origin people in the audience wanted to have a workshop for their kids after the show.

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