Life Story: Shwetima Jamwal, Radio Jockey

Jammu: If you are a Radio Person and your morning kick-starts with the beats on the radio, The Dispatch  , has brought to you about the journey of the sweet, charming voice that would make you get up and get going without adding caffeine to your system. So let’s know about RJ Shwetima Jamwal who introduces herself to listeners as ‘Jammu Di Kuddi’.

Mirchi, a national radio channel when launched in Jammu September this year, the first voice people heard on the channel, was that of Shwetima. She owns a voice that would make you want to befriend her instantly.

She has the capability to serve positivity and enthusiasm just with her way of delivering speech. Don’t believe me? Listen to her whenever you get a chance. Her outlook on life makes you wonder about how her journey has been and what all she must have experienced and learnt to be what she is and be where she is, today.

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Shwetima was born to Kiran Balla and Upkar Singh. Her mother was the principal of the school she studied in right from the beginning till 10th standard.

“I confess that since my mother was the Principal, I was more at ease and confident, hence participated in almost every event. But that had its downside too; all the events I used to sweep the prizes and awards, even my score in examination was seen skeptically, whereas I used to take it as personal responsibility to bring laurels to my school and my mother,” shares Shwetima.

She further adds, “Things changed when I scored well in the board examination. Then, I changed my school after matriculating and it turned out great because I wasn’t only scoring well but was Cultural Coordinator there and was awarded ‘All Rounder Student’ for two consecutive years.”

Shwetima received commendation certificate by Government of J&K for outstanding achievement in Academics after her 10th standard. Her father wanted an Engineer in the family so despite her interest in Arts, she picked Sciences after matriculating and still scored tremendously in 12th standard.

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Bachelors in Technology was her next step and LPU, a famed private college of North India was the pick. During her college days, Shwetima initially tried to focus on her studies and not indulge in any extra-curricular activity. But it turned out harder than she thought. When she got to know that the cultural diversity of our state wasn’t being well represented by the college’s cultural team, she stepped in and the results were great, bringing her in eyes of everyone in the university and even outside the Varsity premises.

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