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Life Story: Seerat Baji, debater, speaker

Jammu:  Seerat Baji has brought laurels to Jammu and Kashmir by winning several medals and prizes in national as state level competition of debates.

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“My father and mother are my role model as both are academicians.” She added that her teachers guided and helped her all along.

Her mother is Lecturer in Zoology and father is Lecturer in Chemistry. “It is their motivation which got me to such heights of achievement.

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Seerat Baji, a student of English Honours that she has been participating in debates and symposiums getting high positions there too.

Seerat wants to crack Civil Services which is her ultimate goal. Her both the parents, Mushtaq Hussain (father) and Kulzam Begum (mother) are from Kupwara in Kashmir while Seerat was born in Jammu and living here since.

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