Life Story: Sawar Fatima, calligraphy artist

Jammu: Sawar Fatima is one of youngest calligraphy artists of Kashmir Valley. Sawar Fatimah, 17, was the youngest among the four artists who showcased their artworks at a two-day long Fine Arts exhibition held at Srinagar’s Tourist Reception Centre.

Fatima, a 12th class student from Bemina, showcased her calligraphies written on pieces of wood and stones and canvas. Her work was mostly based on religious scripts.

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She had started doing calligraphy after she was struggling with depression during the COVID-19 pandemic. “It all started from the beginning of the Lockdown and Alhamdullilah Improved ever since I have been fortunate enough that my Family full heartedly supported me.T his art has been centre of my life it not only boasted my Mental Health but also made me Confident enough to pursue it as my career in future,” she said.

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She added that the firstly it gives me peace of mind. “I was moving towards depression but this calligraphy gives me strength, by this art I started to Get more Attracted towards My Religion, People started to recognise me for this beautiful work of Arabic and English calligraphy, I started to get orders for Quranic verses and other Islamic Names which I think is the most important achievement for me as I am doing some work for my religion,” she added


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