Life story: Saniya Mir, Martial art player

Jammu: Saniya Mir- 17 –years- old hailing from Bagh-i-Mehtab area of district Srinagar who is a national martial art player and had represented once on national level, twice on state level and 2 times on district level.

Saniya said that she has started playing pencak silat (which is the collective term for a class of indigenous martial arts). She had played on national level in Sub Junior and Pre Teen National Pencak Silat Championship 2019.

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She had played on state level in 4th North India Pencak Silat  Championship 2019 which was held in Jammu and had been gold medalist in it.In 2021 she had played  5th UT championship.

In 2019 she got selected on district level for 3rd Open Kashmir Pencak Silat Championship and had been silver medalist. She played District Srinagar Pencak Silat Championship 2020-21 and secured Bronze medal.

Apart from this she had played in Khelo India Winter Games for Ice Stock and got silver medal. She had played nationals in Ice Stock and had been gold medalist.

Saniya has been selected for Khelo India  Winter Games 2021.Saniya is excelling in the field of sports.

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She said, I don’t think if there would be someone who doesn’t like sports. We all have played some sports in our childhood, and many of us would still be playing them.

We also have one sport which we like the most, and that is our favourite Sport. Individuals should indulge more in sports as it will help us to come out of many wrong ways.

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