Life Story: Samreen Fareed, calligraphy artists

Jammu: Samreen Fraeed is calligraphy artists from Kashmir Valley.

The 24-year-old, young woman from Srinagar’s Buchpora area has taken the challenges head on as she has already calligraphed a full chapter of the holy Qur’an and now braces to calligraph the entire scripture.

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The young woman pursuing Masters in Business Administration is probably, what they call a “born artist”, as she was fond of drawing and sketching right from her days at Srinagar’s Minto Circle School, where she would draw sketches on her rough notebooks “which did not look rough at all,” a friend of Samreen’s at Minto recalls.

Her artistic journey caught up soon as she started drawing sketches and portraits of people she knew and uploaded them on her Instagram page which helped her to gain some audience and sell her work. “I started to get orders from many people to draw their portraits and until now, I have sold more than 40 portraits,” recalls Samreen.

However, there was a change of heart for Samreen in 2018 when she took a new kind of pen and “started to draw something very different to what I used to draw and thus made my first calligraphy piece,” she recalls.

Although making portraits would make her happy, Samreen says she felt a “sense of calmness and peace since she has started to calligraph Islamic quotes and verses of the holy scripture”.

“It was very new for me because sketching portraits and writing calligraphy are two different things but the feeling I got in calligraphing my scripture, motivated me to continue,” she says.

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Luckily for the young artist, the response to the switch was surprisingly overwhelming as Samreen started to receive orders for more pieces and many customers wanted customized orders, she says.

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