Life story: Saima Ubaid, Powerlifter

JammuSaima Ubaid, hailing from Jammu and Kashmir is nothing short of a hero. She is a mother, yet finds time to pursue her passion and convert it into loved profession.


In simple terms, she is a powerlifter. She was inspired by her husband Ubaiz Hafiz. In fact, he himself is a power lifter.

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“I suffered from excessive weight gain when I joined the gym. My husband helped me lose the excess weight. He trained me and lead the path to the career as a weight-lifter,” she said.

Her husband is her strength. He appreciates her prowess and encourages her further, “I saw she had natural strength to lift weights that is essential for powerlifting. Then I proposed the idea of the sport and she agreed,” the news agency added him as saying.

As she gains more and more popularity, she is being seen as an inspiration to many. In spite of her responsibilities related her marriage, she has been able to manage her time well and practice meticulously to choose power lifting as her sport career.


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She wants to make a difference to the other women as well.  “Even after marriage and a kid, I continued the sport as I wanted to show women that they can achieve whatever they dream if they are dedicated,” she said.

It is to be noted that the Jammu and Kashmir Powerlifting Association organized the 4th Kashmir Powerlifting, Benchpress, and Deadlift Championship, exclusively for women for the very first time. Ubaid won a gold medal as she was able to lift 255 kg.


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