Life story: Renukaa Rana Modi, business woman of J&K

“Destiny is not made by shoes we wear, it just steps we take,” said Renukaa Rana Modi

Jammu: “Destiny is not made by shoes we wear, it just steps we take,” said Renukaa Rana Modi while describing her journey to successful entrepreneur of Jammu and Kashmir. 

Renukaa is a well-known name in the baking field of Jammu for last more than twelve years.

She added that the people should have determination to reach the shore. “Life is not smooth. Like the way I have been baking, making different different things and doing a business is not smooth venture,” she added. “When you have determination to reach your destination. I am sure you can do anything what you want to achieve in your life,” she added.

She added that the women folk have potential to do anything but they don’t use it.

 “Women is very precious, fragile and very and radiant . She can do anything,” She added.

“Maybe it was always at the back of my mind to create the lovely delicacies I used to enjoy. My Mom was a fantastic baker; it was in my genes, I suppose.”

Renukaa who got married at an early age, said that it all started while baking for her kids and husband, just like any other mother and wife would. For her, baking for the family wasn’t limited to just occasions, like birthdays and anniversaries. Renukaa shares, “My family and my friends appreciated my baking so much, that they would request me to bake every week.”

Slowly and gradually, the name got out and the popularity grew enough for her to start baking at a commercial level.

She informed that that she had a lot issues including health but her family supported her all the times.

“I got talent from my mother as she used make cakes,” she added.

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