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Life story: Pooja Gawai tattoo artist   

Jammu: Pooja Gawai is female tattoo who made Kashmir feel proud.

“Tattoos are like stories that affect the body for a lifetime. It’s considered as a West-style term, some form of modern mode, but that’s not how it is. Having a tattoo isn’t just a tattoo; it’s a complicated process to build your feelings or something that makes you stand out by the specific design or theme,” She said.   Also watch | Life Story: Abid Nabi, cricketer   

Pooja is a Tattoo Artist and also a model which actually makes a perfect blend.

Things are moving and tattooed people in diverse occupations are more popular, including in many that you wouldn’t imagine a few years ago to see them. Current statistics suggest people are now becoming a lucrative profession not more biased against people with visible tattoos and tattoo making.

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Pooja four years complete the tattoo making course. She understood this idea quickly and hence decided to make a lucrative career in it. Indian tattoo artists on the increasing circuit make a mark themselves, packed with world quality equipment, ink and expertise.


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