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Life story: Owais Khalil, a kickboxing player

A 18-year-old,  Owais Khalil is renowned player of Kickboxing. He has so far won 5 national and 2 sliver gold medals in the Kick boxing. He also won several other medals in state and district level competitions.     


 “Viewing players in the uniform attracts my attention at the young age and  gradually my interest become passion,” Owais, who is resident of South Kashmir and playing kickboxing since last 5 years said.                          

“It makes feel different and happy, when medals were given at national as well as state levels. It make us proud and feels like you have achieved something,” he added .

He also urged other students that instead of roaming free, learning something to achieve goals of life.            

He also wants all the parents to support and encourage their children in this field like his parents.

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