Life story: Mitali Gupta, dietitan

Jammu: Dt Mitali Gupta is one of prominent dietitian in Jammu, who helps people to stay fit and healthy.

She started her career in the field of media but later develops interest in the fitness.

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She promotes the philosophy of ‘Small frequent meals in equal intervals ‘and helps her clients develop permanent lifestyle and behaviour changes for better healthy lifestyle .

She believes being vegan is one step towards good health and is practising for last 6 years now. she has helped more then 1000 clients to attain good health and lose weight her clients include celebrities, politicians and corporate employees nationally and internationally.

She has been successful in helping clients to say good bye to life style diseases , liver problems and diabetes .

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Nutitionist and Dietitan Mitali Gupta is Famous for offering customized dietary and walk plans to her clients, founder of Slim line clinic of dietetics and clinical nutrition,Mitali is passionate about her profession with a clear objective of making a difference to the society because she believes ‘Good health is key to happiness ‘ .

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