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Life Story: Mehran Khan, humanitarian activist

Jammu: Mehran Khan is a prominent name in Jammu and Kashmir as he is known for humanitarian works.



Khan is humanitarian activist and development practitioner who has worked with different international organizations in India and abroad.

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Khan has implemented project on economic development, youth leadership, juvenile justice, disability rights, women empowerment and conventional weapons risk reduction.

His international NGO named ELFA has offices in Jammu and Kashmir and in the United States of America.

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“I have passion for social work since childhood. In 2005 during college days, a tremor occurred following which I voluntarily participated in helping people,” he added.       “With education, the passion for helping people gradually increased then I started it as a profession,” he added.  “I have worked with many international organizations to help people,” he said. He also said that he has done many professional courses in this regard.


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