Life Story: J&K’s most senior female jailor Rajni Sehgal

Main Angrejon K Zamane ki Jailor Nhi, Main Hindustani Jailon ki Hindustaini Jailor Hun: Rajni Sehgal

Jammu: Main Angrejon K Zamane ki Jailor Nhi, Main Hindustani Jailon ki  Hindustaini Jailor Hun– These lines said by J&K’s most senior female jailor Rajni Sehgal, while narrating her life story.       

Narrating her #Lifestory, Rajni Sehgal said that this field was unknown for women folk and even male being afraid to join this field. “I was individual child to my parents and whatever I choose,” she said.                 

 “I did B.Sc from Kashmir university and after that I want to pursue Law but that time in early 80s law was not good subject for females. But my father supported,” she added.                     

She added that she could not find scope in Kashmir for law and then she shifted to Jammu to pursue Law.                

 “I joined the chamber of Sarder Joginder Singh not as junior but as colleague in Jammu,” she said.

In meantime, she also completed further studies in criminology and pol. Science.

 “When I was dealing with criminals, a curiosity ignites inside me to know more behind the walls of prisons,” she said.

In this regard, she said when she got opportunity she opted for the prison services.     

 “My selection triggers, a lot of hue and cry among my colleagues as they were whispering that whom they will handle first me or inmates,” she said.  

Everyone ask me don’t you scare, I have only one response that I am qualified and professionally trained and able to handle criminals.