Life Story: Esther William, educationist since last 3 decades

Esther William has been an Educationist for over 35 years now and Principal of one of the most revered and reputed school of the Jammu and Kashmir since last 32 years. Esther is the Principal of Alexander Memorial Higher Secondary School, established by church of Scotland in 1892.

She came to Jammu after her marriage with police officer Johny William, who recently retired Inspector General of Police (IGP) of Jammu and Kashmir police.

“Starting life journey was difficult as my husband police officer and challenges like transfer always pose a challenge. But my in-laws supported me through out the journey,”she said.                                

Esther was born in Allahabad in a devout Christian family to a theologian father and medical specialist mother.

Esther schooled from Allahabad, Bareilly, Dehradun and Agra, and then graduated as well as Post graduated from Punjab University (Ludhiana). She further went on to pursue degree of bachelors of Education.

Esther wanted to become a social worker soon after Pre-University (class 11th then) so she went to Baroda in 1977 to pursue Bachelors of Social Work, right around the same time 10+2 curriculum was introduced so she came back to her previous college and completed B.A in 1st Division.

Esther volunteered at an old-age home even as a kid. She said, “I have always loved working for people especially the old, and women and children in distress. They need your time; they love to talk and share stories.”

Right after finishing B.Ed. in the year 1983, Esther got selected as a Volunteer for an International Conference in Vancouver, Canada which witnessed participation of more than a thousand men, women and youth, from over 20 countries.

After that one trip to the world conference in Canada, there was no receding from that track for her.

Esther shares that the managing the school was a real challenge. She elaborates, “It embraces all children irrespective of their socio-economic backgrounds. The government introduced Right to Education only fourteen years ago in 2009 and made 25% seats reserved for children from economically weaker section but Alexander Memorial School has been providing more than 50% seats to such children since past 6 decades or so, which also made it difficult to sustain financially.”

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