Life story: Esha Modi, fashion designer

Jammu: Esha Modi is a dynamic fashion designer, who always determined of building a fruitful future in the world of fashion.

Since childhood, Esha Modi was a bright student and has formal education in Engineering and also holds a B.Ed. and MBA degree but she was always drawn to the world of fashion.

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As a child, Esha had strong sagacity of trends, patterns and colours.

She always chose toys based on how they felt to touch; likewise how clothes felt against the skin was important for her to know and the same has been inculcated and reflected in her brand store Glamour, Esha Creations situated at Gandhi Nagar, Jammu which gives the feel good factor and is endorsed by everyone associated with her as her clients.

A lover of art and nature, culture, creativity and diversity, through her childhood she explored the fabrics, trends, the different stiches and incorporated her creativity and her experiences reflecting her style of fashion and sensibilities.

In a nutshell, Esha’s style is essentially cosmopolitan yet edgy and traditional which is trendy and elegant. Following are the excerpts from the conversations with the budding designer of the city.

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She pursued her education in Engineering and also hold a B.Ed. and MBA degree but was always fascinated by the outfits adorned by beautiful woman all around me including the ones on silver screens.

“Their makeup, the accessories, the specifics of their persona predisposed me and I was always drawn to the world of fashion, always had the urge to create my own fashion. My family, my mom, my friends, my aunts always took my advice and trusted my fashion instincts for their styling avatars. Taking the clue, I incorporated my fashion sense and did an exhibition in Delhi which was really appreciated and the lauds really encouraged me to take the leap. It was that moment I decided to put my world of fashion in Glamour…Esha creations,” she said.

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