Life Story: Azra Mufti, Author

Jammu: A young woman from Kashmir besides being an author is leading an active campaign for mental health issues and on women empowerment.

Azra Mufti, a resident of North Kashmir, presently living in Srinagar has so far written two books and is working on her third book.

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She also writes columns in local as well as national dailies and journals. Azra Mufti said that she has published two books namely “Tearful Pages” and “Shattered Dreams” and is writing on her third book.

“Tearful Pages released in 2016. It was based on gender violence. Shattered Dreams is on mental health issues,” she said, adding that, she was inclined towards the writing form her living experience in the valley.

“Writing helps me to connect to real-life experiences and stories, besides that it helps me to vent out my feelings. My writing always carries a social message,” Mufti said.

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Mufti said her writing puts emphasis on women empowerment. “My writing also talks about mental illness like depression and how can a person break from within and the consequences of the ongoing conict on the aspirations of Kashmir’s younger generation,” Mufti said.


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