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Life Story: Archana Koul, Management professional

Jammu: Archana Koul is known for paper craft as she took it another level with her side hustle ‘Koulakriti.


Archana born in Kashmir, bought up in Jammu and studied in Mumbai, dreams to become a successful entrepreneur and help lesser privileged.

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“ I am graduated in computer Sciences from Bombay. With computer sciences engineering, I started job. Presently, working with HPE as technical consultant,” she said.

“I am athletic person. I am also interested in technology that’s why I am in the field of the technology,” she said.

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“Apart from this, my hobby as well as part of interest is art and crafts. Being a Kashmiri, I should not make it cliché but I am very interested in arts and crafts,” she said.

“I like to build something my own. In this regard, I have created a page on social media Koulakriti,”She said.

“I am very interested in making stuff from papers, 3d models and others,” she added.

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