Life story: Anshita Koul, a rising YouTube star

Anshita Koul is also known as ‘Anshita Crazy Koul’, a rising YouTube star who divides her time between India and Germany is breaking stereotypes and fighting patriarchy by making people laugh.

She is tickling India’s funny bone and putting the State of Jammu and Kashmir.

She recently starred in the first ever comedy show exclusively for women in India – The Queens Of Comedy and recently organized Jammu’s first open mic.

She  graduated as a Computer Science Engineer from Pune University and worked in the IT industry for 5 years. Then she moved to Germany 2 years ago and switched her career to Digital Media and Entertainment. She is a freelancer and work as a Social Media Influencer and a YouTube Entertainer now.

 “I have always been the entertainer amongst my family and friends, right since the age of two. I was that child, who did not need any invitation or convincing from her parents or relatives, to start dancing at a wedding, or sing a song or recite a poem. That element has always been there, it’s a part of my existence,” she said

“In my second year of engineering, I realized that it was not for me but I did complete my graduation and got a campus placement. After my first job, that went on for a year, I went through a critical existential crisis and finally quit the job,” she said.

 “When I was jobless for 8 months, I started watching YouTube. It was 2010-2011, YouTube had just started making its influence on Indian digital markets, I loved the concept and planned that one day, I am going to have my own YouTube channel,” She added.

She informed that she created a lot of videos, for my friends and family.  She just loved the entire creative process of telling a visual story, putting the pieces together to give an experience to the audience. “I never let the dream die, nurtured it as much as I can and when the time was right, I made it happen,” she said.  

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