Life Story: Abid Nabi, cricketer   

Jammu: Abid Nabi renowned cricketer from Jammu and Kashmir. On his debut, Nabi claimed a five wicket haul against the England side. Nabi has to his credit Ranji trophy record of having fastest hundred wickets.

He equalled the record held by Kapil Dev of reaching 100-wicket mark in 23 matches and holds the record of fastest bowl bowled in India at 151.3 kmph. Nabi represented Delhi Giants in India Cricket League (ICL) in fron 2007 to 2009. Also watch| Life Story: Aarti Mahajan Dingra, fitness trainer

“My journey started with playing junior cricket under-14 inter-district levels, at this time I had no idea about nationals and other levels,” he said.

“My first couple of years went about playing inter-districts only. It was only after while playing under-19s I got the concepts of zones, nationals, academies,” he said.

“As a professional, I started from under-19s. I was 17 years old when I was selected for under-19s and my passion for the game kept increasing. At that time, I dreamt of playing at the national level and in the Ranji Trophy. Luckily when I played under-19 nationals, I performed well, and I got selected for National Cricket Academy (NCA) and then for Zonal Cricket Academy (ZCA),” he added.

He said that after performing well there I got a chance to play in the Ranji Trophy, which finally culminated in my selection for India under-19 team.

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“ Then ICL (Indian Cricket League) started, and I was told by many to not enter it, but I thought to myself that if I have to market myself then I must come on TV. ICL was such a platform whereby we can show our performances to people that we too can perform and that is why I joined ICL,” he informed.

He presently hold two records; fastest to 100 Ranji wickets and fastest bowl bowled in India at 151.3 kmph.

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