Life story: Aaliya Mehraj, digital artist

Jammu: Aaliya Mehraj hailing from Ganderbal district, Jammu and Kashmir is currently pursuing BBA and is also a young student entrepreneur who highly speaks of modern day art – Digital Art.

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Aaliya believes that Digital Art is more efficient and time saving than traditional art. She has been working as digital artist even when this evolved art form was not so common in Kashmir and she faced many hinderances during her initial stage.

Aaliya said, “As one continues down to his/her artistic path it’s important to experiment with the process and find out what works best for you, hence I have found Digital art as the best medium for me to escape or you can say venting out my emotions “.

“Instead of waiting for an opportunity, get up and create one. One must try to be as much productive towards the society as possible because efforts don’t go wasted because even the small steps count. Artists are rule breakers and trendsetters,” she added.

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In 2017, Aaliya identified the potential to turn her inclination towards digital art into a small business while pursuing her studies side by side.

Besides, She is one of the founders at a female artist based community under the title “Manun Zanun” which is a growing community organisation aiming to support female entrepreneurs and artists not just from Kashmir but outside Kashmir as well.


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