Lal Singh clicks, rouses passions like none

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The Royal Candidate Vikramditya’s wife, in support of her husband, was speaking in a very refined pure hindi, to the lot of ruralistic womenfolk, simple and naïve, in some remote part of Kathua, speaking about the contribution of the late Maharaja’s. But is there a connect? Does it impact?

These gullible people, how do they relate to it?

In the harsh realities of life, all that does matter is ROTI/KAPRA/MAKAAN.

I was SSP Kathua long back, and I would say, if anybody who has worked hard for the people is Lal Singh. The man of the masses. I am nobody to judge his political journey. But he clicks, he arouses passions, like one of them.

Some say, the Duggar Pride big issue is a façade. Hopping bandwagon of parties loses the shine. But it is, with so much happening, one does not know who switched over, till last reports.

Old saying everything is fair in love and war. Winning is all that matters.

I would just say, right now the aspiring Candidate will come out of his palatial bungalow, and step out from the motorcade, and will even do a wriggle on the stage, it is that oxygen called the Vote.

Till the vote is finally cast, why not have a little fun, because very soon he will vanish and will reappear after five years again sobbing on your shoulders.


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