Know The Real story behind ‘Sikh and 12’o Clock’ joke Before Cracking Another Joke

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Admit it; we all have at least once made fun of our Sikh friends, mocking them with age old remark ‘Tere 12 baje gye?’

Despite all the agony that they went through, you will always find a Sikh greeting you with a big smile.

For years, they bore this insult inflicted on them by their own friends, but now the story behind this joke would shame them (even me) for the rest of their lives.

Way back in the 17th century, when Hindustan was invaded by Nader Shah’s army, the worst affected were the Hindu people, who were humiliated and treated like animals to no end.

The Hindu women were exploited as property of the army and the worst came when they were forced to accept Islam or else get slaughtered. Many of them chose to die.

It was once, when Shah’s army along with the captive Hindu women, were crossing through a river, they decided to rest for the night.

All the Sikhs nearby, devised a plan to attack the army in night and free the captive Hindu women.

Despite them being much less in number in comparison to Shah’s army, they decided to attack at the peak of night, as that would have given them a chance over the sleeping army.

Though they were successful in rescuing the Hindu women and sending them off running with a few Sikh men to a safe location, the remaining stayed behind to fight the army.


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