Kite Flying during Makar Sakranti kills One Parrot and its Tragic

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the country earlier this week celebrated Makar Sankranti with much joy and fervour. The festival was celebrated all over by building bonfires, making sweets and also flying kites.

Although the festival holds much relevance in our country’s culture and is celebrated in many states, it also poses dire threats to many innocent birds, as pointed out by a Twitter user in a tragic tweet.

 Recently a Twitter user, @biditabag, took to the social media site to post a picture of a bird killed by the string of a kite and it is heartbreaking.

The pictured shared shows a parrot hanging from the manja of a kite.

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She shared the image with the caption, “We hang our head in shame. This hard hitting image has been shared by Bhavik Thaker, titled “kaypo che?”. Thanks for aptly showcasing the plight of these beautiful creatures. Unfortunately, hundreds of birds loose their life during kite festival. stop using Chinese/manja threads.”

The picture was shared with Bidita with the title Kaypo Che (or Kai Po Che), which is a Gujarati word and is commonly used while flying kites. It’s a symbolic term for victory shot, implying that one has just cut the opponents kite.

In the post, the Twitter user also urged people to stop using the Chinese Manja or thread for flying kites as they are dangerous for animals and birds. Even Twitterati were left shocked after seeing the sad image.

Both the picture and the caption are hard-hitting and show us the striking reality behind what we forget while celebrating and forgetting the well-being of animals.


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