Kashmiri traders demand special commission to probe Rizwan’s custodial killing


Joint Trade and business co-ordination of Kashmir (KCCI, KEA, KTMF, FCIK, KTMF (B) JKSECC) address media in Srinagar, asking the government to constitute a special commission to investigate the custodial killing of Rizwan Asad Pandith.

“We express our deep pain in the custodial death of Rizwan. We appeal to Governor Satya Pal Mailk for setting up of a time-bound independent special commission of inquiry in the Rizwan custodial killing,” president Kashmir Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KCCI) said.

He reasoned the countless magisterial enquiries have hardly served their purpose and justice to people.

“The commission report should serve the ends of justice, if the case is treated as one of the custodial killings and all the persons associated with the case are put behind bars and kept away from active duty,” he added.

Rizwan, a 29-year old school teacher, was picked by NIA on 17th march in a militancy case, and later, on 19th March, died in police custody. The family alleging brutal torture and evidences of burn marks on the body have triggered outrage in the Valley. However, the police have reportedly said that Rizwan was killed while trying to escape the custody. A magisterial enquiry has been ordered in the case.


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