Kashmiri traders beaten on Lucknow Roads, local rescue them

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Kashmiri traders beaten on Lucknow Roads, local rescue them.

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Lucknow: Two dry fruit vendors from Kashmir who were sitting on a busy road in Uttar Pradesh’s capital Lucknow were attacked by a group of men belonging to a fringe right-wing group yesterday. One of the men had shared a video of the assault. One person has been arrested. The attack comes amid reports of Kashmiris facing harassment and social boycott in different parts of the country after the Pulwama terror attack last month.

The incident took place at around 5 pm yesterday in Daliganj in central Lucknow. The men who assaulted the traders can be heard in widely-circulated videos saying that are doing it because they are from Kashmir.

Videos show two men in saffron kurtas thrashing the two vendors who were sitting on the road with their dry fruits spread out on a sheet. One of the attackers beat the men with a wooden stick. In one of the videos, one of the Kashmiri men is seen covering his head and pleading the attackers to stop beating him.

Another video shows the saffron-clad men asking the second dry fruit seller for his identify card as he tried to pack up and leave the spot.

Several local residents of Lucknow intervened and asked the men to stop further assault of the two vendors. “Don’t take law into your own hands. Call the police,” one the locals can be seen saying.

The Kashmiri men have been selling dry fruits in Lucknow for many years.

A case of rioting and breach of peace has been registered and one person, Bajrang Sonkar, has been arrested, the police said.

Another man, Himanshu Awasthi, who claims to be the president of the Vishwa Hindu Dal, has not been arrested. He has been posting on Facebook, claiming that it was he and his men who carried out the attack. The video of the attack that he shared on Facebook has been taken down.



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