Kashmir: The land of hypocrites and hypocrisy.

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When a teenage girl was raped in Kathua whole Kashmir was on roads, Social media was flooded with condemnation, Newspapers published statements of politicians on Kathua rape in bold letters, Hurriyat took on streets and Kashmir observed complete shutdown on the directions of Hurriyat.

A Girl (name held) was raped by her father, attempted to rape her another daughter as well and the elder daughter committed suicide in Bandipora. No one spoke about it, No shutdown call was given by Hurriyat, No one visited the victims family, No political leader dare to raise their voice against this heinous crime.

Because Rapist was a Muslim? No self claimed Human rights activists,  TV Debator, Civil Society groups bothered to speak against it. Kashmir is the land where people condemn the things selectively. No Hurriyat leader bothered to speak about it expect a tweet from Mirwaiz Umar Farooq’s handle.

Politicians were busy with elections, Hurriyat followed silence because Bandipora rape incident will not help them to create communal violence, TV channels didn’t telecast news about it because it was matter of zero TRP for them.

When we remain silent on the incidents like Bandipora we don’t have any right to speak on other things. Hypocrisy is the name of Kashmir.

The writer is Peace Innovator, Social & Political Activist, currently positioned as Bureau Chief J&K at ICN Digital Media Group


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