Justice Masoodi must know this history of NC, says PDP’s Er Yatoo

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Srinagar: Er. Nazir Ahmed Yatoo, PDP leader said that the Judge turned politician who is contesting from South Kashmir, is trying to win battle through a dirty whataboutary and is speaking without the knowledge of his present employers. As he goes on, he said, “Let me remind him with some facts about his new masters Farooq Abdullah and National conference. In 1975 it was Sheikh Abdullah who did Anti-Kashmir accord with New Delhi known as Indra-Sheikh accord.”

Calling Maqbool Bhat, a Shaheed, he said, “It was Farooq Abdullah in 1984 who accorded death penalty to Maqbool Bhat.”

He also stated that Farooq Abdullah in 1986 he surrendered the residual powers to New Delhi before the assembly elections and It was Farooq Abdullah who rigged 1987 assembly elections and arrested all Jamaat people and other opponents in connivance with New Delhi. This act claim Lakhs of lives till today.

As per Er. Yatoo, In 1996 Farooq Abdullah formed the government with the help of infamous Ikhwan and Kukka Parray who was involved in mass killings of innocent people and rapes of women and it was Omar Abdullah who gave clean chits to the murderers and rapists of Asiya and Neelofar.

In his statement, he also claimed that in 2010 thousands of youths were slapped with notorious PSA by National Conference and Omar Abdullah. Also,the death petition of Afzal Guroo was signed by Omar Abdullah to show his loyalties to New Delhi.

As he concludes, he said,”these are only few instances which I could recall right now otherwise people remember all the atrocities committed by this draconian party called as National conference and it’s patron Farooq Abdullah. So before u point fingers on others keep in mind the rest are pointing to yourself.”


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