Jammu needs to be preserved, protected, harnessed.


Jammu on the hit list: Indeed ,Magnificent visions of the lost glory being revived.

The self-announced Saviour’s of Pride of the soil of Jammu are whipping passions like the cinder’s sparkling.

Well , you have great choice, and it sure is a difficult choice between all the Battle-ready , familiar faces , to take us to the Jammu re-invention.

I may satiate my Democratic Instinct, as it leaves me cold , the mood is not uplifted , the Spirit is not on the go.

In fact it is disappointing of the caliber, vital issues which seem to be doing the rounds. The voter, it is high time, needs to be respected for his judgement ,intelligence.

I am sure the voter is going to be discreet, wise, see-through , and strengthen the factor which will really make Jammu as glorious as the promise seem to be,as the son of the soil, Jammu is past the tripping point.

Emerging as the next hub. AIIM’s, IIT , Road network , Central University are slowly rising. Jammu is a water shed, a catalyst’s . In the 1990’s , when Kashmir was rampaged by the Monster of militancy ..the exodus for succor, relief, safety was the soil of Jammu.

Rajouri /Poonch /Doda ..Unique and beautiful places of abode , but the future of next Generation is intertwined with Jammu as the Base for the Launch.

In fact it is exciting , we the Generation crossing the high noon of life, love the transition of one rickety Tawi Bridge to strong three more Bridges.

Eco beautiful, at heart the People of Jammu, I have seen in my service years ..with lots of public dealing ..are people who are innocent, vulnerable, loving, kind hearted.

They believe you. The Land of Lochan and Bahu and Tawi have come a long way …into the terrain of technology, global reach, rapid transformation.

Jammu needs to be preserved, protected, harnessed. The responsibility is to identify the courageous , the honest , the deliverer . As I mop my hair ..as the white streaks become prominent …I too wish to see Jammu like Noida , like Gurgaon …why not . It is possible .


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