Jammu Division’s Unseen Beauty- Kishtwar

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Kishtwar is a beautiful place that is located at a height of 5,300 feet and 238 km away from the Jammu. Earlier, it was named as Kishaswar. The name was changed to be Kishtwar as the Rishi Kishat lived at this place. This land was a gift to the Uttam Raja from the Kashmiri king, when he visited there. The place looks very beautiful and amazing. It has a dense forest with trees of pine, fir, and deodar. The place is covered by snowy mountains. Many of the mountains of this place have high altitude including Barnag, Num Kum, and Burmah. This makes this place more attractive for the explorer. There are many temples in the place like Hatta Wali Matta, Athara Bhuja Devi temple and many more.

Photo Courtesy: Jammu Darshan

There are many colorful and beautiful flowers and valleys which also increases its beauty. It is the best place for the adventure loving peoples. There are many beautiful spots for the tourists to visit. On the eastern side, there is a place Nagseen, named after a Buddhist missionary. This place is covered by beautiful wooden forest.

There is also a place Paddar near it. This place is famous for the ruby mines and sapphire. The diamonds are found at this place in large amount. Its beauty and wildlife attract many visitors around the world.


The tourists can also visit Tatapani, which is a hot spring. The Sarthal place is famous for astha bhuja Temple is just 24 km from this place. There you will find various spots for a picnic. Many tourists can climb to the high altitude mountains starting from lower one at Dacchan.

Another highlight of Town Kishtwar is Mata Machail Shrine which is located iin Machail village which is surrounded by the beautiful hills, glaciers and tributaries to the holy river Chenab(Chadrabhaga).

One can reach the village by foot from the town Gulabgarh. The total foot journey from Gualbgarh to the Mata Shrine is about 32 Kms. Porters are also available to carry baggages and chidren. It usually takes 2 days and 1 night stay to reach the Shrine. The night journey can not be done because there are no electricity poles along the way.The villages that come on the way are Tatai, Massu, Garh, Kandhel, Mau, Chishot. One can stay in the village in the night. Villagers happily arrange the food and shelter for the pilgrims.



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