Jammu Bus Stand Blast Eyewitness Account, “I heard the blast & thought was a burst tire.”

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Jammu: Before shopfronts stocked with baskets of fruit and hanging wares, a leashed black dog sniffed away inside an area marked with chalk.

Passersby had gathered. The police were on the scene. A row of buses waited.

Blasts have rocked this bus stand in Jammu before. Today, another shattered the peace.

A top police officer says around 18 people are injured.

Two witnesses who spoke to ANI said it was a grenade that blew up — something that the police would later confirm.

One of them, a young, clean-shaven man in a hoodie, said the bomb fell from “above”. He said many were injured, and that he could not confirm if the explosive targeted people or a bus.

The other man, also a youngster, said he had just parked his bike and was about to go get a haircut.

Just before he entered the saloon, he heard what he thought was a burst tire.

He would later learn what exactly had happened.

“It seems that the grenade has been lobbed from outside. It possibly had rolled beneath the bus and it has caused injuries to approximately 18 [people],” MK Sinha, a police inspector general, told a crowd of reporters at the site of the blast.

All the injured were receiving medical treatment, he said.

“I would request everyone to maintain calm.”


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