Jalandhar teen steals ₹50,000 from his father’s account for PUBG

Source: The Mobile Indian
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In India, PUBG has been in news for all wrong reasons. The recent case is of a 15-year-old Jalandhar boy, who stole rs 50,000 from his father’s account to spend on PUBG Skins and gaming accessories.

The media reports say that his father got worried when he found out that such a huge amount was debited from his account, without his knowledge. He mentioned that he didn’t receive any OTP or transaction messages from his bank, which made him lodge a theft report with the Police.

However, the investigation revealed that it was his son, who had allegedly stolen the money.

The boy, who is a student of Class 10th, has confessed on the matter and also revealed that he transferred the amount to a friend’s Paytm account and even deleted the OTP messages from his father’s phone.

The father has dropped the charges against his son.


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