Is this really ‘Kashmiri Freedom Movement’?

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This heart wrenching picture says it all. Here the boy is seeing funeral of his friend, 12 year old Atif Mir, a class 6 student who was used as a human shield by terrorists during an encounter in north Kashmir’s Bandipura and got killed in the process.

Photo credit : Basit Zargar

So, is this what the so-called ‘Kashmiri Freedom Movement’ has been reduced to:

A LeT terrorist from Pakistan comes to Kashmir under the pretext of ‘liberating’ us and making us all good Muslims. Here, he tries to forcibly marry a Kashmiri girl against her wish and her family’s wishes, on gunpoint.

Lastly, the bloody Terrorist along with his other Terrorists friends, holds the family hostage demanding to bring the girl back, who had shifted to Sopore after being harassed. They also took a 12 year old boy hostage, whom they killed.

And the majority of us knows that these things have happened before as well, but we all will stay silent.

Shame on us!!!

By Junaid Qureshi


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