Is Religion of any Practical Use?  


Today Kashmir is the biggest concern for the World and a big challenge for all those lovers of peace and Justice. Scholars have the responsibility of being guides and teachers of the people, equipped with knowledge, the scholars are better placed than other segments of society to espouse and advance the cause of peace. Ulemas and Intellectuals know well what national interest are, they can prevent the corrupt, which held the nation hostage to backwardness and ignorance.

The problems confronting the inhabitants of Jammu and Kashmir are serious in nature and demands introspection to find amelioration in a better and acceptable way without chaos. The laws, appeals and messages of the leader must represent the aspirations of the people of the whole state and all shall be for the wellbeing of the common masses. Honestly to admit here, in keeping view the contemporary situation of the Kashmir valley, our leaders have failed to restore peace and push forward a systematic and logical dialogue as an instrument for redressing the problems of the people.

The injustice, atrocities and crimes are day to day phenomenon in Kashmir valley, on the other hand, the silence of responsible persons Ulemas and intellectuals are adding more fuel to the fire due to adopting theoretical approach in dealing and handling the issues.

Every problem has a cause behind it; one who is more aware with the cause of a problem can suggest more lucid solution to it. Ulemas and Scholars have a close interaction with society, live among the people, know their problems and have the capacity to resolve them. Fully aware about the Kashmir situation, they can surely play a pivotal role than anyone else in resolving it. Scholars are the inheritors of prophets. The prophets did not leave behind Riyals and Dollars rather they left behind history and knowledge.  Given the clout and regard they command in society, Since Ulemas hold high esteem and position in Kashmir society, they have to shoulder major responsibility to restore peace and to discourage all tyrannical acts of the respective existing actors. Besides Scholars, it is everybody’s duty and a cup of tea to play their crucial role in building peace and solution to the contemporary issues confronting the society.

No Kashmiri feels secure while walking through bazaars and attending public meetings. The Killing and counter killing on daily basis have made the lives of every common people vulnerable in Kashmir. We must bear this in mind that a faithful Muslim will never kill innocent people, children or women. Even killing of non-believers is prohibited according to the teachings of our holy religion. Terrorism is not a Jihad and Jihad is not terrorism. Our enemies are trying their best to link Islam with terrorism but have failed in selling such concept globally.

Abu Dawood once pointed out that “To speak words of truth before a tyrant ruler is amongst the best of Jihad.”   The Clerics should start a dialogue with all the stake holders and spread the message of peace and brotherhood in Kashmir valley. Let Ulemas unite the people irrespective of region, religion, caste and affiliation for the cause of bigger end without further delay.

The writer Syed Karar Hashmi ia an Islamic Cleric and reputed Social Activist from Central Kashmir Dab Ganderbal. He can be reached on: [email protected]


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