Is PM Modi looking at another action inside Pakistan?

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The war clouds hovering over the subcontinent may have been over for many but some developments in India and Pakistan suggest that the two countries could be preparing for another round of confrontation.

On Monday Pakistani Air Force Chief asked his men to keep the guard high as the danger was still not over. Similar voices one get to hear from Indian military circles.

However, Narendra Modi’s statement is a sort or confirmation of another possible round of confrontation which began by another Indian action inside Pakistan.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday said he will find out those responsible for terror acts in India “even if they hide in the bowels of the earth”.

Modi also asked the opposition not to malign India’s armed forces.

“What our opposition leaders say become headlines in Pakistan newspaper today,” Modi said, addressing a gathering here.

In a veiled reference to India’s air strike in Pakistan, Modi said, “If one work gets over, our Government doesn’t sleep, but gets ready for another.”

“We won’t lag behind when it comes to taking big and bitter decisions,” he said.

Referring to the 2008 attack at Ahmedabad civil hospital, Modi said, “should not those sitting in Delhi at that time have taught those sitting in Pakistan a lesson.”


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