How safe for convoys to ply on Monday, questions Omar.


National Conference vice president Omar Abdullah has asked the government how civil transport was threat on Sundays and Wednesdays when it allowed forces’ convoys on the highway on Monday.

“If it is safe for SF convoys to move on Monday WITHOUT closing the highway to civilian traffic why is it not safe on Wednesdays & Sundays? Nothing proves the mindlessness of the order more than army movement on “unsafe” days. This road is part of the highway by the way,” the former chief minister wrote on Twitter.

“Here’s another full strength convoy. I’m simply trying to highlight the point that the architects of the highway closure have made no application of mind. Somehow this convoy on the highway is safe today but it wouldn’t have been yesterday & won’t be on Wednesday,” Omar said, in another tweet.

On Sunday people had to face huge inconvenience as civil traffic was disallowed from plying on the highway from Baramulla to Udhampur.The government has banned civil traffic on two days a week (from 4 am to 5 pm on Sunday and Wednesday)  to for safe passage of security convoys.


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