History of Congress’ sacrifices for India older than a century: Dr Karan Singh

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Reacting sharply against BJP’s pointless propaganda questioning Congress’ role in the development process of the country, Dogra Scion and Congress stalwart, Dr Karan Singh said that his party’s contributions in the progress of India have no match and those challenging the same are making a futile attempt to deceive people of the country.

In a statement issued here on Saturday, the Congress leaders said that the history of Congress’ endeavours and sacrifices to shape a strong country that India is today, is older than a century and it is quite ludicrous that people who have come to fore only by befooling people using impracticable ‘Jumlas’ are raising fingers on this great movement called the Indian National Congress.

He informed that from Monday onwards, he shall be holding over 20 rallies in Udhampur-Doda-Kathua constituency in favour of his son Vikramaditya Singh, who is Congress candidate from the constituency.

It is pertinent to mention here that Dr Karan Singh represented Udhampur Lok Sabha seat for four consecutive terms starting from 1967. During the tenure of this philanthropist turned politician, massive development took place in the constituency like construction of Salal Project and extension of railway line from Pathankot to Jammu besides many other similar prolific endeavours. He had very strong bonding with the people of the State especially that of Udhampur.

Dr Karan Singh, while seeking support for Vikramaditya Singh in the ensuing Lok Sabha polls, said that Congress is the only binding force which can ensure equitable development in the three vivid regions in State including Ladakh, Kashmir and Jammu.

“The most vivacious characteristic of the party is its uniting abilities, which are exactly opposite to that of BJP, which never misses an opportunity to divide people on various accounts including religion,” he maintained.


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