Guph Bal Koimuh, Anantnag: Caves of Rishis of Kashmir

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Rishis of Kashmir followed the ancient Rishi practice of living in solitude in caves and forests, away from the public gaze, at least while initiating into this known pre Islamic mystic order.

Eventually, they became the main proponents of Rishi Muslim silsila, that made a lasting contribution in the propagation of Islam in Kashmir. The Rishi solitudinal practice of achieving irfan, as against setting up of the khanqah and sufa by Central Asian and Iraninan saints and preachers found a tremendous response from the believing syncretic populace.

The following pics are from Guph Bal, Koimuh where Sheikhul Alam, Sheikh Noorudin Wali, Nund Rishi spent twelve years of his initiation into Rishi silsila. He traced his lineage to ancient Rishis and provided a connect with well known Muslim mystics.


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