Floriculture deptt terms reports about Verinag garden as ‘baseless’


The floriculture department on Saturday termed the reports about Mughal Garden Verinag as ‘baseless’, saying that the garden is in good condition.

The Floriculture Officer Anantnag the reports on social media regarding Mughal garden Verinag wherein garden has been fallaciously portrayed in dilapidated condition and many other baseless allegations regarding the department have been levelled.

“We want to inform general public that the garden is in good condition. Some lawn areas of the garden has been reclaimed and developed recently, while as the proposal for further development has been submitted,” he said.

He said that the garden is in good condition and the tourists visiting the area are always appreciative of the garden. “Sincere and vibrant efforts are continuously been taken for beautification and maintenance of the Garden. Photography regulations have been improved and may be that did not suit some persons, who are now hell bent in tarnishing the image of the department,” he added.

The officer said that “working and maintenance system is being run properly and our department is committed for betterment of the garden.”

The officer on behalf of the department welcomed the guests and tourists for having a tour of Verinag garden.


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