Five killed on suspicion of being child lifters in Maharashtra


In Maharashtra, rumours of child lifting claimed five lives in a tribal village of Dhule district yesterday. According to police, the victims had arrived Rainpada village on the occasion of weekly market. After getting down from a bus, one of the victims started talking to a girl child and the crowd became suspicious.

The mob started thrashing them and also assaulted police when they tried to intervene. When the police took the injured persons to the gram panchayat office, more villagers gathered there and clobbered the five men to death. Three policemen have also been injured in the attack.

This is the second incidence of mob lynching in Maharashtra in recent days as two persons were killed by a mob in Aurangabad on the suspicion of being robbers.

Meanwhile, police have taken 15 persons into custody in connection with the incident, police said.

Maharashtra Minister of State for Home Deepak Kesarkar has appealed to people not to believe in rumours being circulated on social media.


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