Finding fun in Priyanka’s Navreh tweet

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Yesterday I found the Navreh/Nauroz Tweet by Priyanka so funny that I couldn’t stop laughing for quite some time. To imagine a loving mom Soniya ji carefully arranging a ‘thaal’ for her loving daughter (b.t.w.does she live with her mother?) to see the first thing in the morning was quite funny for me and I shared it. I found the Vijyeshwar Panchang on the ‘thaal’ particularly amusing and began imagining Soniya ji checking the Panchang for auspicious days and when one can eat meat and when one should avoid it, as we in KP households do.

The comments that followed on this thread are an example of the crises that India’s entire population is currently going through. It is vertically divided between pro-Modi and anti-Modi camps. The former will not tolerate a meaningful discussion on the achievements and failures of Modi ji’s 5 years at the helm and the latter are equally vehemently opposed to anything that even remotely may be seen as critical of his opponents. The sane, mature, liberal middle ground is fast slipping away.

While my pro-Modi friends gleefully greeted this post with approval, the anti-Modi friends could not find anything funny in this and began providing explanations.

Come on folks, where’s your sense of humour? Can you also not see the tragedy of the current situation where a fairly liberal, agnostic (Nehru was an agnostic), cosmopolitan family has been reduced to visiting every temple in the town, showing off its sacred thread, going on long arduous pilgrimages in an attempt to present a ‘more Hindu than thou’ image.

Relax my friends. Elections will be over soon…


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