Ex-BJP MLA forced to state I did not know him: Victim


A woman who had accused former BJP MLA Jayanti Bhanushali of raping her on several occasions claimed today that he had also forced her to sign a document stating that she did not know him.

“I am a student and had an interest in fashion designing. I met (Jayanti) Bhanushali and he said he will get me admission (in a fashion designing course). He called me to Ahmedabad with documents. He then sexually exploited me and blackmailed me,” she told reporters today.

“(Bhanushali) made my video clip and forced me to sign on a document which said that I did not know him. I signed under pressure,” she claimed.

The woman alleged that this document was then submitted to Sarthana police station.

“In the last three days, it appears as if I am the accused. I have been visiting the police station, hospital and I feel I am being raped again,” the woman said.

An FIR was registered on July 19 against Bhanushali at Sarthana police station in Surat.

The 21-year-old victim, a resident of Surat, had written to the police on July 10 seeking registration of a rape case against the Bhanushali who represented the Abdasa constituency between 2007 and 2012.

In the wake of the allegations, the 53-year-old leader from Kutch district had to step down as the party’s state vice-president. In his resignation letter, however, Bhanushali denied all allegations against him.

In her complaint, the victim alleged that the former MLA raped her on several occasions between November and March after promising to get her admitted to a reputed fashion design institute.

The act was videographed by one of his assistants and Bhanushali raped her on several occasions by threatening to circulate the video, she alleged.


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