Evacuation of stranded Kailash Mansarovar pilgrims intensify in Nepal


The evacuation of Kailash Mansarovar Yatra pilgrims stranded in Nepal has intensified. So far over 600 Indian pilgrims have been safely evacuated from Simikot. 143 stranded pilgrims were evacuated by 10 flights from Simikot this morning. Whereas 336 pilgrims were airlifted yesterday and 158 on Tuesday. 250 people were also brought to Simikot from Hilsa. The number of stranded pilgrims at resource lean Hilsa has been drastically brought down.

The Embassy of India has said that situation is under control and there is no need to panic. The Mission is also exploring possibility of hiring chartered helicopters and operating them on various evacuation routes. Meanwhile, a team of the Indian Embassy has arrived at Simikot to set up camp office to provide assistance to the stranded pilgrims. More than 900 pilgrims are still stuck in Simikot, Hilsa and Tibet side.


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