Dynasts question what “dynastic rule” is: Brig Gupta

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While addressing the joint press conference with Ghulam Nabi Azad to announce the seat sharing formula including “friendly contest” seats, Dr Farooq Abdullah when questioned about dynastic rule retorted angrily and said, “what is dynastic rule” and further added, “if a doctor’s son can become doctor, why can’t a politicians son or daughter become a politician?” Azad vehemently supported this logic of the NC patriarch.

“It is astonishing that leaders with five decades of political standing are trying to befool the people with this ill-conceived logic,” retorted Brig Anil Gupta, State Spokesperson of Bharatiya Janata Party, in a press release issued by the Party. It is common knowledge that if a person rises in his chosen profession based on merit, qualification and by dint of hard work, he is accepted as a successful individual without needing the family tag to promote him. “But when a father compromises everything to ensure that his seat is safe and does not bother about the fate of other candidates since they do not belong to the dynasty, it is called ‘dynastic rule’. Similarly, when the father unilaterally declares his son as the Chief Ministerial candidate without caring for democratic norms or aspirations of other leaders of the party since they do not belong to dynasty, it is called ‘dynastic rule.’ When all decisions are taken by father-son duo, ‘dynastic rule’ is obvious”, said Brig Gupta.

For the information of Ghulam Nabi Azad, ‘dynastic rule’ is when a professional, serving commercial pilot with zero experience of politics is catapulted to the chair of nation’s Prime Minister after the death of the mother. On death of the son, his Italian widow is handed over the reins of the party, nominates her son as the successor when she desires to retire and when the son feels insecure, he inducts his sister by giving her the highest organisational post. “Coming closer home, the Congress nominee for the Udhampur parliamentary seat is a beneficiary of dynastic politics,” stated Brig Gupta.

Reacting strongly to the satirical comment of Azad wherein he said that Prime Minister Modi does not have “parivar”, Brig Gupta said that entire India and all Indians are the members of Prime Minister’s “Parivar”. Stung by the ever growing popularity of Modi, Azad and other Congress leaders are resorting to personal attacks on him and the people of India are not going to forgive them for that, claimed Brig Gupta.


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