Dogra Swabhimaan Sangathan gets Rousing reception at Mendhar


Jammu: Ch Lal Singh former Cabinet Minister and Ex MP along with a team of DSS addressed a mammoth gathering at Mendhar. While addressing the gathering Ch Lal Singh President DSS said the time has come to decide the fate of Jammu and the people of the Jammu will now witness the new party in the coming election and Dogras will repeat the history. The program started with the honoring of central team of the Dogra Swabhimaan Sangathan. Ch Lal Singh iterated the demand of the separate township for the people of the border and said that the people of the border does not need bunkers bit they actually need townships.    The development of the township for the border areas must be implemented as soon as possible.  He also congratulated the Sarpanches and Panches of the DSS at Mendhar and said that Dogra Swabhimaan Sangathan will now have to prepare for the largest battle. He said that the war has begun against the controversial leadership of Kashmir who has always ignored the far flung areas of the Jammu region and the people Jammu has to travel many miles. Reiterating the demand of the CBI, Ch Lal Singh said DSS is struggling for the demand of the CBI inquiry for the last year and we have visited the office of the Hon’ble Governer for the popular demand but all in vain but DSS is committed for the Justice to the minor girl who was the daughter of Jammu. He further said that the Kashmiri Leader ship has done everything to divide the peace loving people of Jammu on the communal lines and appreciated the people of Jammu who stayed away from nefarious design of the Kasmir centric politics. While addressing the gathering Ch Lal Singh said that reorganization of the all the areas of Jammu must be done by creating more Panchyats and Corporations in Jammu province. He further said that, step mother treatment to the Peer Panchal areas has been done by not providing them with a hybrid apple trees, whereas, these hybrid trees were distributed free of cost to the farmers of Kashmir.

Dr Hari Dutt Shishu, general secretary of the Sangathan also addressed the gathering  and welcomed the people and appealed to the thousands of the newly joined youth of the Mendhar to spread the message floated by the DSS in the form of the Vision document among the people of the entire belt.  While referring to the Dogra certificate he said that its issuance was removed by leadership of NC and congress because of which the youth of Jammu is not getting the jobs in belt forces of the central government. He reiterated the demand of the separate of PSC and SSRB which is also justified by the by the recent incident in the selection of Asst Professor of the ENT department. He said that a grave injustice with the people of the Jammu and Medical college of Jammu has been done by selecting only one candidate from Jammu and four from Kashmir. Sh KD Singh, Vice president DSS, Navneet Kaur, Dr. Shubhnandan, Dr Pardeep, Dr Subash, Sh NArider Singh Bahu, Sh. Pushpinder Charak, Sh Raju Pehlwan were also present in the meeting.


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