Congress taking the support of parties which are asking for the separate PM: Ch Lal Singh

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Kathua, April 05: Addressing a series of meetings at different wards of Kathua and Nagri, Ch Lal Singh said that leaders of Kashmir who are saying that if Article 370 will be scrapped J&K will not be a part of India, they are forgetting that the, parties like NP and PDP are not representing Jammu in the elections and therefore, they are no one to take decision or to speak on the integrity of J&K with India.

But it is very unfortunate the congress is also taking the support of these parties to win the elections. It also means that congress is also supporting the demand of the separate prime minister of J&K. the people of entire Jammu province are taken for granted by all these alliance partners.

Criticizing statement of former Chief Minister, Mehbooba Mufti that relationship between the Union and State would be over if Article 370 of the Constitution is revoked, Ch Lal Singh asserted that discussion on article 370 and 35A comes in picture during the time of election and it is useless discussion.

Ch Lal Singh accused the National Parties that they will never address the real issues of the state like opening of the six sets for the POJK refuges, separate PSC and SSRB for the Jammu and Kashmir but they will go on discussing the article 370 and 35A. These articles has nothing to do with the development of the J&K but Kashmir centric parties and national parties will go one misleading the people and the people of Jammu will go on suffering under the rules of these parties. He criticized the national parties and other self-centered parties of misusing Article 370 to deny State’s people their legitimate benefits and asked these parties to stop misleading people. He further said that Article 370 has been misused by a small privileged and influential section in J&K to filter out all progressive legislations from reaching the State.

Soon after the state election of 2014, when people gave a fractured mandate to political parties, the BJP at that time accepted all the conditions of the PDP and formed the Government in the state and made her Chief Minister also and now BJP is saying PDP is a party of antinationalist. So the people of Jammu must understand that who so ever talks about these articles at the time of election is simply diverting from the real issues of the governance. The real issues of the development has been brought into the picture by the Dogra Swabhiman Sangathan and the leaders of only this part are acceptable in all the communities of the Jammu province.


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