China’s transgressions threaten international peace, should be nipped in the bud

China's transgressions threaten international peace, should be nipped in the bud

China and the US are actively and unfortunately engaged in their massive arms buildup not only on earth but in space as well, has obviously alarmed the world, possibly due to a frightening scenario that may result in the event of any unforeseen confrontation between them.


As it looks that both powers are all set to face each other most likely into a major conflict in not so distant future, particularly due to Beijing’s persisting forcible capture over the entire South China Sea despite losing this claim in the International Court of Arbitration just a few years back. That had then led the smaller nations of South East Asia, like Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Brunei etc to heave a sigh of relief, but it soon had become meaningless as Beijing, instead of honoring the verdict, turned more aggressive and assertive over and around this disputed Sea to turn it as its sovereign maritime territory.

Not only that, China has indeed fortified the entire South China Sea thereby restraining free passage to the naval ships of other nations through maritime channels around there.

Apart from the South China Sea, the ‘One China Policy’ over Taiwan and ‘One Country, Two Systems’ approach as regards Hong Kong are the other potent areas of persisting confrontation between China and America, besides their vexing trade issues and Beijing’s clandestine support, including nuclear technology, to Pyongyang.

In fact, obstructing passage over maritime channels is in clear contravention to the International Law granting Right to Free Passage through sea channels outside of a country’s naval jurisdiction anywhere in the world. But China has recently raised its ongoing aggressive and assertive military activities in Asia-Pacific, particularly around South China Sea, far away from its own naval jurisdiction and also over Sino-Indian borders with a view to display and consolidate its illegal claim respectively on the disputed Sea and also to browbeat India for extending its (India) genuine claim over PoK by including the climate details thereon into its national weather-reports. Similarly, Beijing is trying to undo the genuine autonomy granted to Hong Kong through framing a national security law that may push to the US withdrawing the city trade privileges, thereby aggravating their mutual tensions.

Today, while the whole world is painfully suffering the massive onslaught of the mounting Corona pandemic, China is, instead engaged in expanding its sphere-of-influence around the Indian Ocean and in Pok, despite facing the fresh attack of the reverse Coronavirus.

Further, Beijing is also reported to have captured an area in the Indian Ocean and has converted it into an island and has also established its air-strip in the PoK according to so-reported satellite images, apart from already encircling India through its earlier String of Pearls scheme with the active support of Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Myanmar and other littoral countries around the Indian Ocean and in Asia-Pacific.

Similarly, China’s ambitious OBOR or Silk Road Grand Strategy, ostensibly for economic trade across continents, continues to be a meticulous plan for increasing its clout and establishing its global supremacy to counter-balance the Asian Rebalance policy initiated by America.

Also, China is stepping up the ante along the Line of Actual Control (LAC) between Beijing and New Delhi by deliberately indulging into skirmishes with Indian soldiers over there and its recent failed attempts to intrude into India’s air-space have alarmed not only India but also the other nations in the South Asian region. Notwithstanding all these facts, there are at least two prominent areas viz. South China Sea and Pakistan occupied Kashmir (PoK) which may possibly emerge as the new regions of conflicts between China and the US including NATO powers and maritime powers in Indo-Pacific as well as India.

Carrying its aggressive and imperialist agenda forward, Beijing is consistently pursuing the massive showoff of its amazing military power accompanied by missile tests, besides installing nuclear mines or tunnels under sea-waters throughout Indo-Pacific. This is so perhaps with a view to threaten the major economic powers like Japan, India, South Korea, Australia, Germany and the US etc., as they have almost decided to wind up their business in China despite having their huge investments, and may go to other destinations like India, Vietnam, Cambodia etc., especially due to China’sdubious role as regards producing the Coronavirus into its Wuhan Lab of Virology.

Though the US is repeatedly accusing China of producing the Coronavirus, Beijing is pointing towards Washington for the same in its counter-offensive. Although the real culprit as regards producing the virus is still unknown, yet China has now agreed to face the World Health Organization’s inspection into the Wuhan Lab but only after the pandemic is over. As is quite clear that Beijing has cleverly thrown its trump card to avoid the international inspection because the spread of this virus is not going to subside in near future, and by then, it will remove all stains that may corroborate its deliberate involvement into manufacturing this deadly virus which it released into the world either deliberately or accidentally.

If China released the so-manufactured Coronavirus deliberately into the environment, it evidently becomes a most serious crime against humanity which needs thorough investigation and fixing of responsibility with consequent punishment too. Besides these, many other adverse consequences are being suffered by the global humanity like a continuing long spell of lock-downs in many countries with recent minor relaxations, global economic recession, losing of jobs by millions and suffering hunger and ailments, traveling thousands of kilometers on roads and highways in the scorching heat of the ongoing summer, to name a few, in countries like India, Pakistan and Bangladesh.

Thus given the unethical and blatant violation of international norms and International Law by China and its alleged involvement in producing this virus over which almost the whole world is particularly suspicious due to its silence and not sharing its own details with the world and also causing unimaginable mental trauma and agony to the global humanity, most of the global and major powers may organize under the joint leadership of the US including NATO powers, Japan, South Korea, Australia, and India to seek for harshest economic sanctions to ensure crumbling down of its otherwise booming economy. They may also encircle Beijing with likely possibility of war between them with a view to secure free passage over maritime channels thorough South China Sea and also to restrain its consistently rising global expansion through Central Asia, Europe and South Africa, under its ongoing silk road grand strategy.

The US has to take such initiative especially because it is indeed suffering the worst trauma despite being blessed with the latest and advanced medical facilities and eminent team of doctors but the epidemic is still much far beyond its control. And its megacity, New York, in particular, is witnessing the disaster, recording the highest number of deaths of the so-infected patients each day. Indeed, the individual loss to the US is much greater than that of any of the western powers, and much more than that of the causality occurred in the earlier Axis power’s attack on Pearl Harbour during the second-World War, which America perhaps may not forget. This is why perhaps Washington has placed airpower including lethal B-52 bombers on alert mode besides re-stationing the naval warship USS Roosevelt in addition to the one already there into the Asia-Pacific to ensure its presence and to preempt any unforeseen eventuality emerging due to Beijing’s mounting expansionist aggressions over South China Sea.

But China may concede to the so-designed US-led NATO and Asia-Pacific powers’ pressure and may resort to vigorous and violent reactions by making earnest efforts to derive possible support from North Korea, Iran, Lebanon, Russia, but that may not lead to fruition due to mounting global reactions against Beijing’s complicity in producing the Coronavirus. Failing thereupon and getting lonely, China may seek help from few Islamic-nations like Pakistan, Libya, and Algeria and most of the terrorist organizations, thereby making the so-emerged volatile scenario very complex to polarize into two counter-poles, as that emerged after the second-World War. This may probably result in major armed clashes between the two giant powers which may possibly aggravate into third-World War, with fair chances of using nuclear weapons by both sides, to lead into an unimaginable human disaster of this century.

As China maintains strict silence, lest the global community may come to know of its several committed misdeeds, as it has already done and is still doing today, many irresponsible and disgusting acts against humanity in the past, like sudden attack over Tibet and India, armed-clashes with almost all countries of Southeast Asia, violating the autonomy of Hong Kong and Taiwan, etc., which obviously arouses suspicion as regards its real intentions this time in producing this virus. Whether it wishes to assume global supremacy and hegemony by creating world-wide human disaster through this virus or not is very difficult to answer, thereby destroying all European powers and also the US.

While China’s sovereign claim over the South China Sea stands refuted, its utter disregard and disobedience to the judgment and instead persistence with the unlawful claim need to be collectively countered by all nations at the earliest, under auspices of the General Assembly of the United Nations, and not in the Security Council to avoid its Veto which may nip the so-initiated collective action against it (China) in the bud, under Uniting for Peace Resolution of 1950s, framed during Korea War.

Further, sincere efforts be immediately initiated by all global and regional forums and also the saner elements in the world to diffuse the prevailing Sino-US tensions over South China Sea in the Asia-Pacific and between India and China over LAC, besides help-ensuring autonomy of Taiwan and Hong Kong. This may happen as nothing is beyond human endeavour.


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China's transgressions threaten international peace, should be nipped in the bud

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Prof. Sudhanshu Tripathi

Sudhanshu Tripathi is a Professor in Political Science and Director (In-charge) at School of Social Sciences in Uttar Pradesh RajarshiTandon Open University, Prayagraj (UP), India. His book India’s Foreign Policy: Dilemma over Non Alignment 2.0 (2020), NAM and India (2012) and a co-authored book in Hindi RajnitikAvadharnayein (2001) have been published besides numerous articles and research papers. He was awarded with the SaraswatSamman by Pt. S. R. Institute of Education and Technology (PG College), Pratapgarh (UP), on “Shikshak Divas” (Teacher’s Day) in 2016 and was also honouredthe same in 2019 by Lion’s Club Allahabad Central at UPRTOU, Prayagaraj. He is also on the Editorial Advisory Board of the Third Concept journal. The author actively participates in social activities as well. He organized a mass awareness rally in 2011, in the wake of Anna Hazare’s ongoing fast unto death against corruption in New Delhi. He was the President of the Teacher’s Association in MDPG College, Pratapgarh, (UP), during 2013–2017 and was also the Vice-President of the ShikshakMahasangh in the district unit of Pratapgarh during almost the same period.